Chatham Historical Society's programme of meetings for 2015 - 2016

Meetings are held at The Lampard Centre, Sally Port, Brompton, ME7 5BU.

9th April 2015
Annual General Meeting

14th May 2015
Life of a Kentish Lady in Victorian Times - Mrs Allinson.

11th June 2015
The “Heartbeat Years” (of Policing) - Roy Ingleton

9th July 2015
The Real Downton Abbey - Ian Porter.

10th September 2015
Experiences of a Film Extra - Vic Chidley.

8th October 2015
Society Evening.

12th November 2015
Military Road, before the Pentagon - President Brian Joyce

10th December 2015
Society Christmas evening.

11th February 2016
The Golden Age of Travel - Ian Porter

10th March 2016
Ordnance Survey, Ancient & Modern - Colin Brown.