Chatham Historical Society's programme of meetings for 2014 - 2015

Meetings are held at The Lampard Centre, Sally Port, Brompton, ME7 5BU.

Past meetings

8th May 2014
East Coast Floods 1953 - Bronwen Sadler

12th June 2014
Reminiscences of an immigrant life in Russia 1970 to 1990 - Irina Fridman

10th July 2014
World War 1 Commemoration Meeting

11th September 2014
Walter de Brisac "A Street Pedlar" - Catharina Clement

9th October 2014
Working in Medway 100 years ago - J. Preston

13th November 2014
Women and the Home Front in World War 1 - Ian Porter

11th December 2014
Christmas Social

12th February 2015
Conscientious Objectors - Brian Joyce

12th March 2015
Disaster on the Broad Fourteens (The Three Ships) - John Tice

9th April 2015
Annual General Meeting