Medway Chronicle       "Keeping Medway's History Alive"

In his foreword to Issue 1 (August 2009),  George Bristow, then chairman of Chatham Historical Society, said
"This is the first of what, the Society hopes, will be a continuing project to record as much as possible of the Medway Towns' history, before those who can tell it are no longer with us, and to retell some of the unusual items, long forgotten."

The Medway Chronicle is available to download from this page. Some old Issues are not presently available, but will be when they have been scanned and uploaded.

We shall be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to comment on the contents of the Chronicle, or who has information or photographs relevant to a published article. Please contact the Editor via the "Contact us" page on this website.



 Issue 14  (Winter 2017)




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Issue 13 (Summer 2016)


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Issue 12 (Spring 2015)


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Issue 11 (Autumn 2014) is available. Articles are:

Jack Lacey 1920 - 2014
Robert Napier School - History prize
Alexandra Hospital at Wigmore (Part 2)
Woodlands House (further notes on its history)
Cookham and Gillingham Forts
Hoo Peninsula Part 1 - Cliffe
German Spies in Medway in 1914

Download a pdf (size 2MB) of Issue 11.


Issue 10 (Spring 2014) is available. Articles are:

Society / Robert Napier School News.
A Luton Bobby
Bodies from the Sky  by Vic Chidgey
A First for Gillingham  by Brian Joyce
Chatham News 30.11.1873
The Treaty of London 1839
River Reflections (On the Art of Sculling)  by Jack Lacey
Woodlands House  by Joyce Stewart
From Chatham Dockyard to the Oval Office  by Sheila Erwin
Just in time: Short Brothers in 1914  by Brian Joyce
HMS Cavalier 70th Anniversary


Issue 9 (Autumn 2013) is still available. Articles are:

Society / Robert Napier School News,
Extract from Myrtle Goldsmith's WW1 History Project,
River Reflections by Jack Lacey,
Defence of the Medway Towns in WW2 by Brian Joyce,
Vic's Medway Quiz,
Allhallows by Len Feist,
Alexandra Hospital at Wigmore (Part 1) by Joyce Stewart,
Lyons Tea Shop in Chatham High Street by Brian Joyce,
The General Strike (Part 2 - The Aftermath) by Sheila Erwin.


Issue 8 (Spring 2013) is still available. Articles are:

The Society's new venue,
School news,
Working afloat in the 1950s  by Peter Lewis,
The Medway towns and the floods of 1953  by Brian Joyce,
River Reflections: Barges  by Jack Lacey,
The Isle of Grain  by Len Feist,
The 1926 General Strike and its effect on the Medway Towns  by Sheila Erwin


Issue 7 (Autumn 2012) is still available. Articles are:

Society News,
A Roman Burial  by Vic Chidgey,
Chatham Dockyard Society - Queen's Award  by Sheila Erwin,
Stoke and Strood Church  by Len Feist,
Yuri Gagarin remembered  by Jack Lacey,
River Reflections  by Jack Lacey,
Dunkirk at the dockyard  by Brian Joyce,
Did you know?,
The Royal Engineers 200th Anniversary  by Sheila Erwin,
The Royal Naval Hospital  by Joyce Stuart,
Open Day at the Royal Engineers' Museum.


Issue 6 (Spring 2012) is still available. Articles are:

Society News,
The Wreck of the S. S. Richard Montgomery,
Charles Dickens,
The Dockyard Tragedy (a reader's letter),
A Saturday Night in Chatham in 1898,
Winget Life (a reader's letter),
Gillingham's Greatest Day (Part 2),
Winget Life (a reader's phone call),
The Dockyard Telephone Exchange Clock.


Issue 5 (Autumn 2011) contained:

Society News,
The Dock Road Tragedy,
The Church on the Bluff,
Royal Marines in Chatham (Part 2),
Gillingham's Greatest Day (Part 1),
The Royal Engineers and the Dockyard Extension,
Chatham Navy Days,
Winget Life.


Issue 4 (Spring 2011) contained:

Coley Goodman: Gillingham's Film Pioneer (Part 2)  by Brian Joyce,
Bourne and Hillier  by Sheila Erwin,
Royal Marines in Chatham (Part 1)  by Jack Lacey,
Fort Pitt at Chatham  by Sheila Erwin,
The Birth of Gillingham Park  by Brian Joyce.


Issue 3 (Autumn 2010) contained:

Society News,
Tugman in the Dockyard (Part 2)  by Tom Beswick,
Coley Goodman: Gillingham's Film Pioneer (Part 1)  by Brian Joyce,
Strood High Street in the 1930s (Part 2)  by John Watt,
Time of our Lives  by Hazel Thorn,
Gillingham's High Constables (Part 2),
Medway's Oil Disaster  by Jack Lacey.

Download a pdf (size 8MB) of Issue 3.


Issue 2 (Spring 2010) contained:

Looking back - the 1950s,
Gillingham's High Constables (Part 1),
Strood High Street in the 1930s  by John Watt,
Alice Todd's Memories of Chatham continued - 1914,
W Paine & Co Ltd (continued),
An Arethusa Boy (Part 2)  by Jack Lacey,
Tugman in the Dockyard (Part 1)  by Tom Beswick,
No Obligation: A Rochester Tragedy  by Brian Joyce.

Download a pdf (size 6MB) of Issue 2.


Issue 1 (August 2009) contained:

History of the Chatham Historical Society (1950 - 1975)  by Sheila Erwin,
An Arethusa Boy in the 1930s (Part 1)  by Jack Lacey,
Alice Todd's Memories of Chatham,
St George's Centre,
The John Hawkins Overpass,
W Paine & Co Ltd,
HMS Bassingham,
Notable Gillingham Men,
Chatham Reliance Building Society  by Brian Joyce.

Download a pdf (size 8MB) of Issue 1.