Art Deco Architecture in Chatham and Rochester

The Art Deco style flourished between the World Wars. Its bold geometric designs were used in a variety of contexts, from ceramics and glass to cars and radio sets. Some characteristic Art Deco architecture can be discovered in Chatham and Rochester High Streets,  particularly on the first floor upwards.

  Adjacent to the Trafalgar Centre.

This was Chatham's Woolworth store.

  Adjacent to the Central Theatre.

This building at the junction of Chatham High Street and Military Road was once occupied by Burton the tailor.
The Art Deco style, and in particular the elephants, were closely associated with Burton stores. See this Flickr webpage for examples of other Burton stores around the country.

On the north side of the High Street in Chatham Intra, this building was one of several that were occupied by Featherstones Ltd.